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9 Highly Recommended
Food 9 Ambience 8 Service 10 Value 9
Excellent service, lovely food, overall a great place for a meal.

newt - Mar 07, 2011
8.8 Highly Recommended
Food 9 Ambience 9 Service 9 Value 8

In an era where service and passion for what people do appears to be hard to find, the couple that run Beautiful Burgers are rare gems. Marian takes the time to learn your name, have a conversation and create a friendly atmosphere which makes it feel like a 'local', one that I'll definitely be returning to. It also helps that the food is delicious and fresh and there are specials to keep things interesting. Certainly worth a try to see for yourself.
flygal - Mar 06, 2011
9.3 Highly Recommended
Food 9 Ambience 9 Service 10 Value 9

I have eaten here only a couple of times but will make sure that I do more often, it's a hidden gem close to uni, the service is great and the combinations of ingredients are much more interesting than most things you can get in the area. I have tried the veggie burger as well as the spanish burger special and both were very tasty, the buns are light and even after finishing a huge burger and chips you don't get that greasy feeling like most burger places. I'll definitely be back. JessicaB - Mar 04, 2011
8.5 Highly Recommended
Food 9 Ambience 8 Service 9 Value 8

Great place to go, wonderful service, run by a husband and wife team where they take the time to know your name. Can't argue with the food either, a lot of TLC went into the burgers.
Monitor M - Mar 02, 2011
9.3 Highly Recommended
Food 9 Ambience 8 Service 10 Value 10

These is the best burger shop that I have been to in Sydney. I had the wagyu beef burger and it was 10/10. Marian who owns the place provided excellent service, and if your health conscious you can get the wrap version of the burger.

And you know what they have written a cook book and making burgers, thats when you know these people are good. Sean E - Feb 26, 2011